Law regulations of Phentermine Purchase and Usage in USA

Phentermine is often sold under the name Ionamin. The medication is used in diet as well as an exercise in treating obesity. The drug is orally consumed for a certain number of weeks. The effects of the drug which should be beneficial will no longer be felt after those weeks. The drug may also be available as a significant combination of phentermine and topiramate.

Abuse and side effects of phentermine

Drug addiction has become a serious issue. It can also be treated throughout the course. Effective treatment on phentermine abuse engages various participants in therapeutic processes. It also retains them in the selected treatment for some time. Some of the side effects of the drug are insomnia, restlessness, and high blood pressure. Additional serious side effects are such as valvular heart disease and pulmonary hypertension. The use of phentermine isn't recommended in pregnant mothers. Also vital to note is the fact that the drug shouldn't' be combined with MAO inhibitors and SSRIs. Phentermine is an excellent appetite suppressant.

Regulations on drug use and possession

Countries have the primary responsibility of regulating as well as enforcing prescription drug practice. Since phentermine has similarities with amphetamine, it's a controlled drug of class C5. Therefore, it has major potential for abuse. The medication has an invaluable street value. The ministry of health carries out regular nationwide surveys to ensure that prescriptions are dispensed to the right people using the recommended patterns. In cases where investigations indicate that there's abuse, an investigative council is appointed to help. Additional policies to control abuse of phentermine are such as: Time limitations The original quantity of substances prescribed at one time needs to be limited to any available third party for supply. The limitation provided for the prescription at any point of dispensation can be increased depending on the opinion of the physician, which can be provided over the phone or any electronic communication to a certain pharmacy. Supply and trafficking limitations It’s against the law to buy phentermine online. This is because the drug is only sold under prescription. Ownership of this drug is against the law, especially if one doesn't have written or orally prescribed the information from the physician. If the drug is found in one’s locker or at home, they will be charged with possession unless they are in a position to prove that the drugs don’t belong to them. Promoting research and prevention programs to educate masses To facilitate the prevention of phentermine abuse, the government has created various prevention programs to boost factors that reduce risk elements for abuse. These initiatives are designed for different ages. They can be used in group settings and individuals as well.

The role of criminal justice system in phentermine abuse

As earlier discussed, the possession of phentermine without prescription is illegal. In cases where someone is arrested with possession, the criminal justice system intervenes especially for individuals known to have drug problems. While drug addiction treatment is usually highly recommended, probation is also imposed on such individuals. Research continues to demonstrate that people who are admitted to various treatment programs under legal pressure end up being transformed.

How does the criminal justice system take action?

The criminal justice system helps phentermine abusers by admitting them into treatment programs using a variety of mechanisms, including diverting nonviolent offenders to viable treatment programs, imposing treatment as the main condition of incarceration, as well as pretrial disease. The system also applies the resources of drug courts to handle different cases of phentermine abuse. Alternative incarceration can also be introduced to the system in order to find a viable treatment for offenders. Is the system helpful in combating phentermine abuse? The court system uses effective models to integrate criminal justice coupled with drug treatment systems as well as services. The solution involves finding treatment through a collaboration of personnel who work together to initiate a planning system including screening, placement, evaluation, monitoring, as well as supervision.

How to Buy Phentermine Online

Today, I would like to talk about Phentermine. Many people who are trying to lose weight have tried Phentermine one way or another. You are watching this video because you were looking for this medicine on youtube. Well, before you buy Phentermine from this pharmacy, I would like you to know few important facts about this medication. First of all, in the United States and pretty much everywhere in the world, Phentermine Hydrochloride is considered a schedule IV controlled substance. To give you an idea what other drugs are on that schedule, it is Xanax, Klonopin, Valium and many others. Back when Google just started, many illegal pharmacies began selling Phentermine online without prescription. All you had to do, is go to one of these illegal websites, select what type of Phentermine you want to purchase (generic or brand name such as Adipex P) and go through simple steps to get that shipped to you. Sure at some point DEA put an end to it, but before that happen, 100's of millions of bottles of illegal Phentermine was sold without prescription worldwide. So in order to buy Phentermine online, all you needed to do is answer few simple questions, like what's your blood pressure level is, do you have any medical conditions, allergies etc... and after that, pharmacy would put you in touch with licensed doctor, somewhere in Puerto Rico and after few minutes video conference, that doctor would send the prescription to some shady pharmacy in Brooklyn and that pharmacy would ship your order to any destination. Sure it was illegal. One of these biggest cases was UNITED STATES V. QUINONES. Antonio and Herman Quinones were convicted of conspiring to distribute controlled substance among other charges such as money laundering, illegal gambling, tax evasion and much more. Their main business was selling illegal Phentermine online. At the time when they got convicted, they were distributing tons (not just bottles) of Phentermine worldwide. To give you magnitude of their operation, when DEA arrested Antonio, they confiscated 100's of millions of dollars worth cash and property. There were mansions in Florida, mega yachts, Ferraries and many other possessions. Antonio argued in federal court that his operations were totally legal, but judge disagreed and called his operations "illegal business operating outside of compliance with the law". While Antonio was around, many illegal pharmacies outside of the United States began to operate on the internet as well. In such, many illegal establishments in Pakistan and India began to distribute illegal Phentermine online. Today, authorities of every country in the world are fighting these operations, but once one go down, another one pops up and it never ends. I strongly advise you to never even think about purchasing any of these controlled substances online. 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